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Today, smartphones have become an integral part of our daily lives. Smartphones, smart devices and wearable gadgets are like pocket portal to power, knowledge, entertainment and infinite accessibility, making life easier. The penetration of such gadgets is growing deeper with each passing day. Earlier what was operative only a desktop computer or a laptop is now on fingertips through a smartphone.

Well, what makes them smart? It’s the Android and iOS operating system. They are like digital assistants enabling you to use the unique features, multi-tasking and a variety of applications, both inbuilt and third-party apps.

Smartphones usage is growing rapidly in developing economies like India, Brazil etc. The current growth of smartphones in India is expected to grow at an average 29% annually.

Due to the high usage, wide acceptance and other factors, it has become imperative for all companies, SME & Start-ups, to consider mobile Apps as the first offering to showcase their innovations, services or product offerings.

We at BluBrandz keep ourselves abreast with all the latest technologies required for a top-notch app for a better user experience and high performing functionality.

smartphone iOS operating


Platforms We Work on



Native iOS Apps, Apps for iPhone, Apple Watch & iPad (Complete - iPhone App Development)



Native Android App, Apps for Android Devices, Android-based wearable devices & Tablets (Complete – Android App Development)


Hybird App

PhoneGap, Cordova based App designing using HTML5

Tools we use

Sponsor Axure
Origami Studio
Mobile Angular

Got a great idea of an App?

smartphone iOS operating

If you are totally psyched about an app idea, then you have landed the right place. We will help you shape your idea. We are always open to brainstorm on new ideas and ensure you achieve your imagination. Reach us for a free consultation and a tentative quote

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We initiate any project by these processes

Discuss and Brainstorm
Discuss and Brainstorm the Idea
Start researching on each roadblock
Flow Diagram
Prepare a flow diagram for all the involved steps
Initiate the implementation
Testing in each planned phase of development
Solution Deployment
Solution Deployment
Complete maintenance
Complete maintenance of the solution

With requirement, we may choose a development method like waterfall, Agile or prototype methodology. BluBrandz solutions are a reputed offshore development company that will help you lower your cost of developing a solution without any compromise to quality of delivering a project.