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Top SEO strategies in 2019

Over the last decade, SEO has changed a lot. Today for many the SEO is directly proportional to Google, which is not wrong. However, "inclusive SEO" if done properly should work for all search engines. I’ve here listed out my top strategies that would be beneficial for 2019. This article will be a good read for those who are looking to learn SEO or those who are offering SEO services.

The SEO is much more than keyword research, on page optimization, off page optimization. It has become more technical in the year 2019. Therefore, there are more tasks for the SEO team, webmasters and anyone who is responsible for the SEO of a website. SEO strategies for a static website, dynamic and e-commerce are different. However, the suggestions made here will work for all kind of websites.

Let’s learn what all technological advancements and strategies that are important in each important SEO component.

Keyword Discovery, Research & Selection

  • Semantic Search:
  • Though old, but Semantic search is the most important factor when selecting a keyword. Google introduced a semantic search with Humming Bird Update.
  • As explained by Danny Sullivan, the search engine now considers a broad level of search terms than the keyword.
  • “Hummingbird is paying more attention to each word in a query, ensuring that the whole query – the whole sentence or conversation or meaning – is taken into account, rather than particular words. The goal is that pages matching the meaning do better, rather than pages matching just a few words.”
  • So, when selecting a keyword we must consider the intent of the search and therefore the keyword must be mapped to the content correctly.

Keyword Categorization

Keyword Categorization

The most important thing, which we like to do when organizing and categorizing keywords for a website is to categorize the keywords with respect to the inbound marketing funnel.

  • Inbound Marketing Funnel
  • Awareness, Consideration, Purchase (that is also considered as TOFU, MOFU and BOFU)
  • Let’s understand what keywords are considered for each funnel category with respect to a buying cycle.
  • Awareness Stage (TOFU) – The users more often are looking for how to do stuff, looking for information or DIY stuff.
  • Keyword: “How to recover lost data from Windows” (search intent with this query is to understand how data can be recovered from Windows. Here the user is unaware what has happened to his data and how exactly he has lost it).
  • Consideration Stage (TOFU) - This is the stage where they know and have realized about the problem and looking for details
  • Keyword: “How to recover deleted files from Windows” (Search intent in this query is to find a solution to recover deleted data from Windows. The user now knows the data was accidentally deleted and needs to figure out what can be done)
  • Purchase Stage (BOFU) – This is the stage where the user has made a decision and is looking to buy a product or service.
  • Keyword: “best file recovery software” or “deleted file recovery service” (the search intent here is to find a software or service that can help. User now knows that DIY software or a data recovery services can help recover data)

Therefore, it is imperative that we must look for the intent of the search query rather than the difficulty, CPC cost, etc.

Is your website Voice Search Ready?

Is your website Voice Search Ready?

With the popularity of voice-based search options with Android (Google Assistant) and iOS (Siri), it's imperative that your content addresses this new and becoming very popular search option.

  • To address voice search we must work on all question modifiers in our content like: (Who, What, Where, When, Why, How, Should, Would, Can, Could, Which, Is, Do, Does, Have, was, Will & Are)
  • The best strategy would be to include faqs in important landing pages. Also, the inclusion of user-generated data (comments, reviews etc.) would also be beneficial, as it would include questions from probable customers
  • Include featured snippets because currently most of the answers of Google Assistant are based on it
  • We can also take help of search engine features like Autocomplete, People also ask and "Searched related to…."
  • Start using Speakable, though it is still in BETA stages

Is Local SEO Important?

Is Local SEO Important?

Yes, it is extremely important for businesses to target and cater to the local audiences. Local SEO can be executed by using Google My Business and Bing Places for Business for Google and Bing respectively.

The target must be for optimizing content for local region specific keywords, which can be your city, province, market or anything specific to your region, which is popular in searches. The other aspect that is getting popular in local search is the addition of a "near me" phrase to search queries.

  • Consistently adding your business name, location and phone number to local websites.
  • Citations about your website from other popular local websites will surely add value to your local search ranking.

How to focus on CTR (Click Through Rate)?

Click Through Rate

Whether Google weighs organic CTR as a ranking factor or not is still not clear.

However, it's good to create a page that has a high CTR value, extremely good stickiness, which eventually will increase the conversion rate.

What we can do to achieve high CTR for a page:

  • Focus on relevancy, if your page is not relevant to a keyword it is ranking for then you need go back to the drawing board.
  • Think of semantic keyword search rather than keyword specific search, a page designed for keyword (s) will not earn good CTR
  • Plan the layout of your content; make sure your content has all the engaging aspects (infographics, videos, images, bulleted lists, etc.)
  • Be specific and correct wordiness, check for grammatical issues
  • Ensure your on-page optimization uses relevant and meaningful words for Meta Tags
  • Invent new engaging methods for your users. For e.g. Neil Patel offers Lucky “Spin to Win“ on his website.

Plan Content for “Featured Snippet”

SEO strategies in 2019

Google introduced featured snippets for answering questions and presents an answer as a featured snippet, which it feels has the best, relevant and complete answer for the search query.

Is it possible to be featured in Featured Snippet?

Yes, it is possible – Look at the keywords where your competitions are getting featured. Find out issues with your content, keep on improvising it. Optimizing your content won't hurt and you will always have a bright chance of getting landed in a featured snippet.

Have you implemented Schema.org Markup?

Have you implemented Schema.org Markup?

The future of query-based voice search lies with structured data, speakable, etc. Schema is a collection of tags that can be added to an HTML page to provide crawlers information about a page and it should be presented in search results.

Different Schema Types Results:

You can get a list of all the tags and implementation details from Schema.org.

The markup is recognized and used by all popular search engines.

Let me show you an example of how at BluBrandz.in we use Schema:

Is your website Mobile Ready?

Is your website Mobile Ready?

Today Google gives preference to your site based on the principle of Mobile-First Index, which means a website designed for a desktop will be given priority after the mobile version of the website.

The new structure rolled out from Google in the year 2018 and these are the best tips for a mobile website:

  • Create a responsive website, your website should adapt to all screen sizes and all browsers. Creating a separate subdomain (m.website.com) for a mobile website will be treated as a separate entity.
  • You may also consider "Dynamic Serving" instead of a responsive design layout to deliver different versions of your website.
  • Use structured data (read description above for more details on implementing structured data)
  • Embed Viewport Meta tag,
  • Pay special attention to button sizes and colours as “click is different from a Tap”

Ensure that your website is using HTTPS, SSL

Ensure that your website is using HTTPS, SSL

A website using SSL will be available as HTTPS instead of HTTP, which means any transaction, communication happening on your website will be encrypted, which ensures the security of your visitors and their data.

Google rewards website that run HTTPS with small ranking boosts.

At BluBrandz we make sure that every website that we create, design or implement must be secured using SSL.

Work hard to ensure your pages load faster

Work hard to ensure your pages load faster

Some of the demerits of slow website:

  • A slow website impacts your CTR and bounce rates negatively.
  • Your SERP ranking gets affected

How to improve page speeds?

  • Optimize images on your website by using tools like TinyPNG.
  • Use tools like Gtmetrix, SpeedMonitor.IO

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Author - Pushkar Sinha

Pushkar Sinha isn’t an author of any best selling book on Digital Marketing. He is a simple guy with 19 years of experience in Digital Marketing. He is a husband, father and a big time foodie. Who is learning more on the lost recipes of the world. After a recent surgery he is no more caffeinated.contact me.

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